Girl Hanged Herself While on WebCam

A girl in India wasted her life with her own hands by hanging herself in front of webcam while talking to his husband to whom she married secretly. But the parents of her husband refused to accept that marriage and they allegedly demanded dawry. The reason behind this unfortunate happening was the demand of dowry by her husband’s parents. But […]

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Police Arrested Rascal Finally

Police arrested the people involved in beating a transgender in Sialkot in response to the video that went viral on social media channels. People of Sialkot came out of their homes after watching this video and it created pressure on Police and they arrested the people who involved in it. The unfortunate incident happened in Sialkot, one of the most […]

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Mother finds something shocking in her daughter’s mobile phone

Mothers usually brought up their daughters in a way that could bring them praise from the people living in surrounding areas. But if the daughters start deceiving their mothers then it becomes quite disturbing not only for the mothers but also for the people who witness such things. This deception then leads these ladies to go in a wrong direction […]

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