Girl Hanged Herself While on WebCam

A girl in India wasted her life with her own hands by hanging herself in front of webcam while talking to his husband to whom she married secretly. But the parents of her husband refused to accept that marriage and they allegedly demanded dawry.

The reason behind this unfortunate happening was the demand of dowry by her husband’s parents. But her parents failed to manage it and she told her husband on webcam that she cannot live anymore like this and hanged herself and her husband could not do anything as he was physically away from her house.

Dowry has become one of the most alarming things that destroy the life of may people. The parents of girls become the major victims as they have to fulfil the demands of their would be in-laws for the marriage of their daughters.

The daughters, who always think about a soul mate as their husband, feel terribly sad when they face such situation and they usually can do nothing to avoid such situation. Dowry has become a bane for the society and many people fail to fulfil the demands of the boy and his parents.

In the sub-continent, dowry has become an almost essential part of a marriage and the bride who brings more dowry gets more respect in the house of her husband. But this is something ethically, morally and religiously wrong and this wrong practice makes people selfish and greedy.

This is just one incident that has been reported, there are numerous incidents that don’t make it to headlines. There should be some laws that could protect the rights of those poor people who fail to fulfil the demands of dowry and as the result of their weak financial position, their daughters suffer to the maximum.