Police Arrested Rascal Finally

Police arrested the people involved in beating a transgender in Sialkot in response to the video that went viral on social media channels. People of Sialkot came out of their homes after watching this video and it created pressure on Police and they arrested the people who involved in it.

The unfortunate incident happened in Sialkot, one of the most established industrial city of Pakistan, where a considerable number of people have complaints against the poor performance of Police. However, the public pressure played a key role and it forced Police to arrest the powerful people who were involved in this crime.

The main culprit named Jajja, which is his alias as his original name is not Jajja, who is also known for his criminal activities and gets benefits for being powerful in the city got arrested. His video in which he brutally treated a transgender in a room.

This video grabbed attention of countless people across the country and it pushed the officials to take action against the person who committed this crime. People got angry on this treatment as many of them cannot even watch this whole video which is something terrifying from the very start.

On the other hand, the transgenders gathered around the police station when the police arrested all five people involved in this incident. They started slapping the five culprits and also showed their anger on getting inhumane treatment for those culprits.

It has become a norm that the powerful few always dominate the society in third world countries and they also play with laws and consider themselves above laws of the state. They know that no one can punish them and it makes them stronger in their evil designs and they start doing criminal activities without giving even a second thought to the law.